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Recent News:

February 2012

Sidney received an awesome new cover for Arianna Skye's Wings of Desire courtesy of Hot Damn Designs. Check it out, along with the newly revamped book trailer, here!

Wings of Desire, written as Arianna Skye, is in the process of being re-released. Links to come soon!

December 2011

The second book in the Demons Unleashed series, has hit the shelves! Woo hoo!

Where she's at in 2012:

April 2012

Chicago Spring Fling Writer's Conference,
Hoffman Estates, IL

August 2012

August 7-13th
Authors After Dark
New Orleans, LA

September 2012

September 28-29th
Central Ohio Fiction Writers Conference
Columbus, OH

November 2012

November 1-2nd
Grand Rapids Region Writers Group
Ready, Set, Write
Grand Rapids, MI

More Dates to come!

Welcome to Sidney's Website

Please pardon the dust during renovations.

Welcome to the new and improved website of romance author Sidney Ayers. Sidney writes historical, contemporary, and paranormal romance with a humorous bend.

Demons Prefer Blondes (AKA: Beauty School Demon/Succubus Unleashed/Unleashing Your Inner Sex Demon), the first in the Demons Unleashed of snarky paranormal romances set in the fictional town of Connolly Park, Michigan, follows Beautician Lucia Gregory and her band of quirky friends as they fight evil and find love along the way. Feel free to check out the Books link for an excerpt.

Demons Like it Hot (AKA: Icing on the Demon) is the second book in the series and it will be on shelves in early December, 2011. It tells the story about Lucy's best friend Serah and the brooding demon mercenary Matthias Ambrose who's tasked with protecting her.

If you are looking for something a little more steamy, Sidney also writes erotic romance under the name Arianna Skye. WARNING: Although steamier, Arianna still keeps that sarcastic flair (Where paranormal and fantasy are concerned).

DEMONS PREFER BLONDES--Demons Unleashed #1