Blog Update and a Giveaway

I’ve recently discovered I have a huge addiction to shoes. And that’s pretty bad when you’re a starving artist. To help overcome my addiction, I’ve decided to start a regular weekly post  with my recent finds that I love, but might not be exactly able to afford or wear (I don’t fare well in anything over 3.5 inches). I’d also like to expand the feature to include reader’s suggestions via email. If you’ve got a picture of a killer shoe, send it to me at

So I’m asking you, gentle reader, for input.

I’ve started a poll below:

What name sticks with you? Do You have another suggestion, or do you think this is a stupid idea? I mean come on, how many more blogs with scantly clad men  do we need? Not that I don’t mind the occasional eye-candy every so often, but I just don’t want to be any more cliché than I tend to be at times. LOL.

Also, I was thinking I might try to resurrect Fudge Filled Fridays. It seems I’ve developed a chocolate addiction along with the shoe addiction.

Later on, when life gets less hectic, I’m planning on starting a weekly writing feature. Stay tuned for more news on that.

To celebrate my new shoe feature, anyone who leaves a comment below or contacts me with Shoe Blog as the subject will be entered into a contest. One lucky entrant will win a free Dazzle Doll ( a $39.95 value) from, my latest obsession when it comes to stylish shoes and fashion.  They have stylists that help pick your personal style selections. PS: They have more than just shoes for sale there. There’s handbags, jewelry, watches, and even lingerie! And men, don’t be shy, maybe your wives or significant others would like a special gift.

The contest will run until Midnight, April 22nd. Good luck everyone!


12 Responses to “Blog Update and a Giveaway”

  • Hmm. Interesting idea, esp. if you write a book featuring shoes. That would make a nice tie-in.
    I suggested Shoes of Desire to tied in with your Wings of Desire.

  • Marti O says:

    I like the Saturday Shoe-In! 😀

  • Teresa Blue says:

    I like the shoe parade and think it would be cool to include male shoes too. and then have commentors pick which guy/girl wore what shoe.

  • admin says:

    PS: When someone adds their own suggestion, I do go in and update the poll to add that suggestion. :)

  • I like Shoe-In also. And Michele had a great idea about featuring shoes in a book. 😉


  • Deborah Blake says:

    I’m not much of a shoe person (I tend to go for comfort over looks), but I recently fell in mad, passionate, irrational love with a pair of black leather boots with 3 inch heels. Thankfully, they were on a major sale (from $65 down to $13) so I was able to just get them for the hell of it.

    And my sister, who is in the midst of a divorce after 18 years of marriage, bought herself a sparkly pair of 5 inch shoes that definitely qualified for some kind of sexy shoe award.

    I like the porn name, but even with the substitution, I think it is likely to cause you problems. So I picked “Addiction” which is my second fave.

  • Meredith Conner says:

    I voted for Shoe p0rn Saturday – naughty can be so fun! I like the idea about featuring shoes in a book too. At least one pair :)

  • Tess Grant says:

    I love shoes! I think this is a great idea. I went with Shoecapades because it reminds me of the copy guy on Saturday Night Live…ShooCapadessss

  • Christy Mitchiner says:

    Those shoes are hot! I like the Shoes of Desire. And it is on the list twice (I think you might like that one best ^_*)!


  • JOYE says:

    I like to see the photos of shoes that are current and that I would never wear. Some I have seen are for just standing in-my goodness, how could one walk attractively in them? They are so tall. A teetering gal without nylons on her legs in high, high heels is not sexy!
    I like Sensations Shoe Saturday

  • bn100 says:

    What a great idea. A lot of those names, like Shoe p0rn Saturday sound good.

  • BlackAsphodel says:

    “Can’t walk a mile in these shoes” is the best in my opinion because it instantly makes you want to see the shoes in question, whereas “Shoe p0rn Saturday” gives you the idea that the blog owner will just showcase his/her favorite shoes with a ton of pictures just waiting to be praised for his/her excellent taste in fashion (no offense intended :)). This is what I think about when seeing these two titles. :)

    I look forward to your posts! <3

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