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Lunar Eclipses, Solstices, and Demons, oh my!

Last night a rare phenomenon occurred. If you aren’t aware, there was a total lunar eclipse last night. To make matters even more intriguing, it happened just before the Winter Solstice which occurs later on today. This event will not happen again until 2094. I have always been fascinated by the moon and it’s cycles and phases. I even have a lunar calendar app downloaded on my phone. It was only fitting that I needed to use this event in a story. Throw in that creepy antique chest, and all hell broke loose in my overactive imagination. Gotta love it!

Beauty School Demon is that story. It was fun writing a story set during the winter. My heroine, much like myself, tolerates snow, but only in small doses. Even though it is set during Christmastime, it IS NOT a Christmas story. Christmas is more of a backdrop or setting more than the theme. I am not sure it would be that easy writing a Christmas themed story starring a half-succubus.

Even though Beauty School Demon releases next June, six months after this extraordinary event, it will still tickle your funny bone and deliver a kick-ass story.

And thank goodness no demons broke free from the bowels of hell last night. Or did they?

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(As Arianna Skye)

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