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The Unveiling–Beauty School Demon!

Well, if I thought I was dreaming back in January when I was offered a contract for my funny paranormal series, Demons Unleashed, I now know it is in fact a reality. I was just emailed my final approved cover art. I am thrilled to bits with it. So go ahead and look for my first book, Beauty School Demon, available June 2011 from Sourcebooks Casablanca!


Killer new haircut? $50
Creepy antique chest? $100
Unleashing Hell on Earth? Priceless!

Hairstylist Lucia Gregory has  serious problems. Who knew opening an antique chest would unleash Hell’s minions? Then again, when the chest is labeled Arca Infernorum, she should’ve known better. Strange things happen the moment it’s opened. Mirrors implode and shampoo bowls erupt like geysers. But that’s the least of her worries. Overnight, she turns into a sexpot. Men, including her gay coworkers, throw themselves at her feet. Only one man is immune—Rafael Deleon, a broodingly sexy man who says he’s a demon. He’s everything she’s avoided—stony and reserved—but that only adds to his mysterious appeal.

Rafael has his own personal demons where the opposite sex is concerned. Any woman he’s cared for has met a horrible demise. As a demon protector of Limbo, He’s sent to retrieve the chest before it’s opened. He’s too late. Hell is unleashed in the most unlikely of places, a suburban hair salon. What’s worse–Lucy, a beautiful half-succubus, has no idea about the power she possesses. Being a demon, he should be able to resist her charms. That resistance is slipping when he needs it most.

When an evil demon arrives to sink his claws into Lucy and the chest, Rafe is determined to protect Lucy, who’d rather go into battle with guns blazing and daggers zinging. Sparks fly as they fight their growing attraction. Will Lucy be able to break through the stone fortress Rafe’s built around his heart, or will they suffer their own demonic demise?


“Let’s do this,” Lucy said, pulling from their friendly embrace. With a quick lick of her lips, she focused her attention back to the chest.

As if a golden orb had surrounded it, the chest glowed. Regardless of what she knew to be wrong or right, her body ignored her conscience. Lucy took slow, almost sensual, steps toward the box. Her lips spread into a devious smile as warmth enveloped her. Never had she felt so alive—save for the day she dropped out of med school. Her stomach twisted in knots and her insides throbbed. She had to touch it, and no one would stop her.

Serah’s concerned voice faintly echoed in her mind. “Lucy, are you okay? You’re acting strange.” She reached out to grab her hand.

“I am fine,” Lucy gritted out, digging her nails into Serah’s palm. “I know what I’m doing.” The bad thing was she actually did, but she had no idea how she knew.

“Ouch, that hurts,” she yelped and pulled her hand from her superhuman grip. “We should forget this, Lucy. Something isn’t right.”

Lucy turned to face her friend and narrowed her eyes, her glare challenging.  With a wide calculated grin, she reached up to brush a stray hair from Serah’s brow. “No, Serah. Everything is just right.”

With that, she slammed her palm into the handprint and closed her eyes.

And without further ado, my beautiful cover! I especially love the pink lettering. :)

PS: I also discovered that Beauty School Demon is already available for pre-order at Amazon!  I’m totally stoked.

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