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Hi, My name is Sidney and I’m addicted to french toast…

I was laying in bed one morning contemplating what I wanted to make for breakfast. My muse must have been hungry, because she instantly sent my creative mind into overdrive. I remembered the McGriddle sandwhiches McDonalds serves on their breakfast menu. Syrup infused bread. But I decided I’d kick that up one notch and be a little healthier. I took some fresh whole grain bread and cut it into slices then brushed a light coating of low sugar syrup on the bread. I cracked and egg and whisked it up. I soaked the bread in egg and cooked it up. After the french toast was done cooking, I fried up some eggs and bacon. While the eggs and bacon cooked, I threw the slices of french toast in my toaster to make it a little toastier and warm. When the eggs were done, I smooshed them between the two pieces of french toast.

Holy hotcakes! It was good. And now I am an addict… I wanted to enjoy french toast any time of the day.

And now I have! Today I found some garlic dipping sauce mix that was almost gone. I sprinkled it in with some EVOO (Sorry, I’m a Rachael Ray fan!) , brushed the EVOO mixture on the bread and dipped it in egg and toasted those babies up. I was a little worried about the taste, but it was just an experiment anyway. I wasn’t planning on serving it to the president or anything.

I have to say, the french toast came out pretty damn good. It even smelled savory. So far so good. Then I browned some ham and added a slice of Havarti cheese. It melted so nicely. Tomato and spinach finished it off. You all should try it! It was YUMMY!

Savory Ham and Havarti French Toast Sandwiches

Serves 4


8 Pieces of thick bread
4 Eggs
Italian bread dipping sauce*


Brush dipping sauce on both sides of bread. Place bread slices in egg mixture and flip. Take out and let excess egg mixture drip off. Cook as you would normally cook french toast. When browned on both sides, remove from heat. In the same pan, you can brown your ham. Put toast in toaster to keep warm and a little toastier. When toasted to your specifications, take out the toast. Add ham and cheese and garnish with spinach and tomato. Feel free to brush on a little of the remaining dipping sauce and cover with other piece of  bread.

* Dipping Sauce recipe

1/4 cup Olive oil
2 tsp balsamic vinegar
1 garlic clove
1 tsp basil
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp Parmesan cheese

Mix ingredients. Voila!

If you happen to try this, please let me know what you think! I imagine you can even use your own favorite types of cheeses and meats too. I chose Ham and Havarti because that’s all I had in the house right now.

Wow! I designed my own recipe. Isn’t that cool?


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