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An Absolutely Messed Up Fairlytale

Available now for Nook, Kindle and Smashwords!

In a land far, far away (Thank goodness!)

“You will marry Prince Leonardo Von Absolute, and that is final.” Belden Feldspar slammed his fist on the heavy oak of his desk.

Jaylenne Feldspar stood firm in her resolve, her features etched in a stoic glare. “Prince Leonardo Von Absolute is an absolute jackass. He is a pompous poopie-head who only cares about himself.” She huffed. “I heard he has twenty people on his staff just for putting shoes on his oafish feet.”

“Milady,” her maid interrupted. “His Royal Highness is not an oaf. He is rather sexy.”

Blasted Kianne.
She was much too outspoken for a maid. “I don’t doubt his sexiness, Kianne. I doubt his other attributes.”

Kianne giggled and blushed. “I’ve heard good things about his other attributes.”

“Kianne, I was referring—” Jaylenne’s eyes widened. “Really?” She shook her head and admonished herself. What was she doing? Her father was right there, listening. “Uhh, Kianne, can you excuse yourself for a few minutes while my father and I discuss the wedding I am not going to have?”